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The second dark moment was in 1994/95 when we had two of our junior sides poached to the Liverpool Catholic Club, as they tried to start up their cricket club, after looking me in the eye at the presentation 6 weeks earlier and assuring me that the rumours were not true, former manager Ian Neal & Warren Shuttleworth from Mounties went about ripping sides out from there former clubs to start their own club, not caring about the promises that were broken or the consequences that were caused along the way. Two years after this ugly debacle took place, both the above mentioned poachers had moved on to other clubs, leaving a trail of destruction along the way in particular that effected our club for years to come, in one savage poaching attack we went from three junior sides to one, and sadly that one remaining side was the only junior team that Prestons had again after we won the U/16s Competition in 2003/04. We still remain hopeful that the HORNETS at some stage down the track will field a junior club again.

Liverpool Council chambers at 7pm on July 14th 2001, Was the third moment that will always remain a landmark night for the HORNETS in its history. Rumours had been spreading around town and newspaper articles in the Liverpool Champion were advertising the fact that the Liverpool Robins Soccer Club would be moving to Amalfi park, due to the new extension of an arm of the M5 going right through there current ground, Raine park. Tired of all the stories of the above, our club secretary David Millott organized a meeting with council to discuss the Amalfi park takeover. It was at this meeting that Dave told the two member panel that we should not lose our ground (Amalfi park ), as the land was donated by Mr Andy Amalfi and his family to Prestons for them to play sport within the district.

When one of the panel members Greg, offered a brand new ground to Prestons near by, Dave told him thanks, but no thanks, give the ground to Liverpool Robins and all this fuss will go away. Greg couldn't believe that Dave had turned down a new ground and asked, why Dave, what so special about Amalfi?, Dave replied its our home ground & we call the ground THE HOME OF CRICKET and I can't see the point of ruining two clubs history, for a road that surely can be diverted somewhere else. In summary Dave told the panel that to take away Amalfi park from Prestons after 35 years of history & memories, would be one of the worst decisions ever made in the Liverpool District, And would have an everlasting effect on all the members of the HORNETS, both past, present & future, the entire community & lastly the effect that this decision would have on the Amalfi family, as an amazing gesture like a donation of 8 acres of land would be taken away from the Amalfi family due to again Political Decision making without thinking about the repercussions. Gladly, two months later a decision was made to cancel the extended road, and allow the history of the two local clubs to remain.

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