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After a brief discussion outside, Dave told George that he would not give up, and would appeal to Junior Union, there last chance, but George said to him don't bother, its not worth it! Dave went through the next five days contacting Junior Union President John Russell, trying to get justice for the HORNETS, but time was not on his side. After finally being granted a Friday night hearing at Campsie RSL Club, Dave prepared his case, all along stated that this was wrong and that he was still confident that he could get this decision overturned. After contacting a lot of people within the SDCA, Dave was trying to get anything that might help his case, but the news kept getting worse, John Zybrands the SDCA Secretary told Dave, while I understand your worries with this decision, no club has ever won an appeal at Junior Union, Dave replied, let me be the first then John!

Prestons got a very fair hearing, and after hearing from both parties, adjourned to make a decision, it took 30 seconds to give there verdict, upheld was there decision and although Dave was overjoyed with this great victory, he still had one more request left, to try and stop the grand final from going ahead unless Prestons were playing in it. John Russell was scathing on George Taylor & his committee for such an unprofessional & totally bias decision making process, that needed to be seriously over hauled immediately & hopefully situations like these will never be heard of again by Junior Union ,otherwise there will be massive consequences to SDCA.

Sadly Junior Union could not stop the grand final from going ahead, so Prestons D2 side finished semi finalists, robbed of there chance to play in there first senior cricket grand final due to politics, had a moral victory with the protest being upheld, but it meant nothing as this team was lost from cricket forever from our club, with a couple of the boys playing again some years later, captain George Wright retired and never played again after being a former President, coach & player with our club for 7 years was lost from the game forever.

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