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The nineties saw three of the clubs darkest moments in its history, the first came in a semi final in 1993/94 at Hammondville oval when our D2 side played Cabra Vale Diggers. Prestons after winning the match by 4 wickets were stunned when the Cabra captain Bruce Oliver told our captain George Wright that CVD would be claiming a forfeit due to an error on the team declaration sheet. The so called error was that the name George Wright appeared on the team sheet twice, our captain told CVD that is correct as there are two players with the same name in our team. Usually our scorer Barry Dixon would write JNR next to the youngest George Wrights name just to identify the father & son correctly, this was done in good faith by Barry, and was certainly not a fixed rule that needed to be adhered to.

What followed in the next seven days would have an everlasting effect not only on this side and our club but the entire district. We were made to go to a protest hearing on the Monday night at Cabra Vale Diggers club to defend our club in a protest hearing that was that frivolous, it was almost laughable. We lost the game on protest, and appealed the decision the minute it was handed down. We were granted an appeal for the Thursday night, still dumb founded by this disgraceful decision, George Wright asked the Prestons secretary Dave Millott, how is this possible? Dave replied because there are two CVD people on an executive voting on a CVD protest, at a CVD club, its called political bullshit!

Confident of getting this decision overturned, Dave & George ventured back to the same venue on the Thursday night hoping to present there case to the appeals committee, but were gob smacked to say the least ,when after entering the room for the appeal, were looking at a table of five men, the same five men that made Mondays decision. There confidence soon turned to caution, as they realized they had no chance of getting this decision changed, by the same people who made the original ruling. The HORNETS presented their case, and after 10 minutes, Dave & George were called back into the room to hear the verdict, dismissed, was the ruling and with the semi final only two days away, the clubs options were limited.

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