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We had 26 people in attendance, a record number for an AGM, most of them there at the request of the committee to try and find a way to remain as Prestons. The meeting went well with plenty of healthy discussions both for & against, but in the end the two members who were against this merger the most, may have swung the room around with both giving passionate & clear views against this motion. The first was the secretary David Millott who spoke about his vision & direction that he wanted for the club, and after 7 years as secretary he still had unfinished business he had hoped to achieve with the club & wanted to achieve so much more history as prestons not JEVC-Prestons.

But if the room had any doubts after Dave had spoken so passionately about his beloved HORNETS, then they were in for a treat after hearing arguably the best 5 minute speech that a president has ever delivered when Phil Sutherland spoke about how he grew up in the area, played for the hornets all his life, and after being talked into becoming the clubs & probably the countries youngest ever president at 19 years of age by Dave only three years earlier, that if he could hold a presidents position at such a young age then surely ,fellow HORNETS within the room could strive to keep this great club alive. He suggested that it would take a lot of hard work from as many people as possible, to help Dave not only to keep this club surviving, but allowing his children and others the opportunity to play sport for this great club.

So on that night in May it was voted that the club shall remain as Prestons HORNETS cricket club, and that we will keep fighting. The decision was not totally welcomed but, a majority vote was good enough to defeat the proposal. Its also worth noting that in 2007/08 our cricket club is still going strong, so that night the decision on the vote by the prestons members, I think has been more than justified. The netball club is still surviving on its own, after going away from the PJSCA banner in 1981.Rugby League was very strong for 11 seasons until its final year in 1978.Prestons had Soccer teams for only three years in the late sixties, We also had Marching girls for two years in the early seventies, Basketball was very popular in the late sixties & early seventies as well. Softball, while only played for 7 years was a very successful sport in the PJSCA. Also prestons won the first ever indoor cricket competition in NSW at the Lurnea indoor cricket centre. That team was David Demetrius (Capt), Stephen Horn, Paul Griffiths, David Millott, Daryl Cole, Gregg Marsh, Floyd McIlvenny, Robert Maine.

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