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The HORNETS have always struggled financially ,without a big club supplying grants back to them, and have tried everything from raffles,100 club, chocolate drives, BBQs, gambling & trivia nights, lamington drives, mens Smoko nights, and all these have served the club well over the years to provide funds, but the two most interesting fund raising events would have to be, the annual rugby league challenge matches, where Prestons ladies would play Cabramatta ladies & Prestons coaches & managers would take on the referees each year. A donation of a coin for entry was all that was needed, to see the prestons boys & girls give it to there rivals at Amalfi park usually played in front of a big crowd. The second fund raising idea that was unique was the annual walk from Amalfi park to Campbelltown to help raise funds for the club, boy oh boy some sort of walkathon, I think that you would all agree. Prestons in the late seventies, raised funds for a deaf Leppington breath stroke swimmer called Cindy-lu Fitzpatrick to enable her to go to Romania to swim, and eventually make the Australian Olympic team. What a great gesture from the club, to help a someone that wasn't even a HORNET, congratulations to all that were involved in this effort to help out Cindy-lu.

We were approached in February 1994 by Mr Bob Wright & Mr Kim Delves to see, if we would be interested in merging with the JEVC Cricket club to form one big club. At the time they had a good A grade side, two lower grade, and 2 junior sides, we had 5 senior & 4 junior sides, which also included 2 mini teams, so while we had more sides we had an opportunity to obtain the two things that we had desired the most, an A grade side & financial security as the JEVC cricket club was in those days receiving $4000 per year in the way of a sporting grant from the RSL club. At our annual general meeting in May, ironically at the JEVC Memorial Club Liverpool on the 2nd Floor we had to make one of the biggest decisions in our clubs history, stay & struggle or give up our history, our name, our colors, but be financially sound for the future.

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