Ken Familo

President: M. Goldie

Ken Farmilo

V. President:S. Cheatham

Ken Farmilo

Secretary: Dave Millott

Jackie Wotton

Treasurer: Jackie Wotton

Club News

Prestons Hornets Cricket Club

Hornets 50th reunion Saturday June 11 Cabramatta bowling club 7pm start $35pp ( drinks at club prices) please rsvp for bank details only 200 seats available.

Prestons Hornets Cricket Club David Millot Interview by Mr Iqtedar Abdi


A short poem.

Heads says Millotty, but he lost the call, the other team bats, we've got the ball.
Darkened leather, with clouded skies, up steps Dunga, to float his pies.
At the great St Johns Park they drop & tease, it's hard to see them in the trees.
The batter waits, he is not sure, whether to hit it for six or four.
But it's a top edge to eager hands, and Dunga does his wicket dance.

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